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The Truth Behind Fake Security Signs!

Nothing beats a professionally installed home security system when it comes to warding off potential burglars, but lesser security measures are better than none.

Can home security signs and window stickers for a home security system stop potential burglars, even if there is no actual system installed? Thieves may be stopped, thinking your house is protected by a home security system. But is it wise to fake a system with decoy signs and stickers? Here are the pros and cons of using fake home security signs as opposed to other home security techniques.


Using fake home security yard signs and decals have one big advantage; it’s cheaper than installing a professional system. You can purchase signage with home security logos for a fraction of the cost. You can source signs and stickers online and set them up in just a few minutes. The home security signs and stickers set up a psychological barrier that some thieves will not risk crossing.


On the other hand, you run a risk that the more brazen or sophisticated thief will see through fake signs and home security stickers. The signage may display graphics that don’t look real or use a fake company name, so be picky about any fake signs you use. In case your home is broken into, there is no actual system to alert a home security monitoring center and a thief can help themselves with impunity.

Bear in mind, if you use graphics of a real company on fake signs, for example, an ADT yard sign and ADT stickers, you could get into a legal problem for unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

Fake Security Cameras

Take a step beyond fake home security signs and install fake security cameras. Inexpensive units are available online and can stop burglars in their tracks. A fake home security camera looks convincing, using blinking red lights to convince the bad guys they mean business. They work best installed by doors, garages and other vulnerable points where they are plainly visible. Add fake security camera signs to strengthen the deterrent offered by the fake cameras.

The drawback is the same as with fake signs, it might not be enough to stop the more sophisticated and brazen thieves.

Consider Installing A Home Security System

An actual home security system protects your home and family against home invasion and it can report fires, power outages and flooding. Theft can be prevented with visible security cameras and alarms. Of course, real ADT security signs can deter thieves as well as fake ones, and you have the entire security system and monitoring service backing them up.

Many security systems offer 24-hour monitoring and a guarantee. A home security system is the most effective way to prevent thieves from breaking into your home. It’s worth comparing the top home security companies to find which package works best for you.

Home Security Advice

Home security systems are great deterrents against potential burglars. In the case of a break-in or emergency, these systems offer rapid response by alerting the police or fire department. However, no one home security system is perfect. By following these simple tips you can improve your odds against criminal activity.

1. Pretend You’re Home

If a burglar thinks your house is occupied, they are not likely to attempt a break-in. Leave a car parked in the driveway, even if you are home. At night, leave an interior light on near a window. Use smart lights on timers to turn on at dusk to make the house look occupied.

2. Plan Your Landscaping Carefully

Shrubs and bushes directly below windows look nice and afford privacy, but they can also provide cover for thieves seeking vulnerable spots to enter your home. Remove tall and bushy plants to maintain easy lines of sight to your doors and windows. A thief who thinks they’ll be seen will look for an easier target.

3. Put A Dog In The House

No thief wants to be confronted with a vigilant, loud dog as they attempt a robbery. Even small dogs can put up enough of a loud din to foil a burglar. Pet owners rely on their dogs as sentries, plus they enjoy improved health and suffer less depression than those without pets. Bear in mind, a guard dog is helpful; a dog alone does not constitute a home security system.

4. Install Motion Detector Lights

Rest assured, burglars hate bright lights illuminating the areas around your house. Motion sensor lights are an effective deterrent installed by exterior doors or windows away from the street. While it’s not a complete home security system, motion detection lights pack a punch in terms of value, with prices for motion sensing flood lights starting around $15.

5. Door And Window Alarms

Another alternative to a full electronic security system is to install simple motion sensing alarms. Put these battery operated lock units on doors and windows. Potential burglars looking to force open a window or door will be greeted with a piercing alarm. You can find home alarm systems available as low as $10.

6. Install Smart Locks

Smart locks are available that work with an app on your smartphone or handheld device. They can lock and unlock your home or door from a remote location. Unlock the door from anywhere for family members or service providers. Receive alerts when someone else unlocks the door. This security solution is a bit more expensive, with prices starting at around $175, but it’s a worthy investment in home security.

There is a range of smart locks and other real security products such as smart cameras available that boost your security without the monthly fees of a monitored alarm system. These products themselves can require an investment in equipment.


You will enjoy the highest degree of peace of mind with real security measures. The ultimate level, a monitored home security system, is the best solution to your home security needs. Quality locks, working security cameras and motion sensors are helpful in deterring thieves, but still fall short of the comprehensive protection offered by a monitored system.

Fake home security signs and window security stickers are better than no home security measures. Consider whether they provide a real deterrent to thieves, or provide the peace of mind you’re looking for. Take the time to compare the best home security systems to see which company best matches your budget and home security needs.

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