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Learn How to Improve Your Home’s Security

Auxiliary Door Security in Your Home

After you’ve secured your home’s front and back doors, as well as the windows, check for potential sources of weakness. Attached garages and sliding doors that lead onto patios and balconies are popular entry locations for burglars because homeowners frequently fail to secure them.


If you don’t have a self-locking automatic garage door, a case-hardened steel padlock is a good substitute. Use a case-hardened steel hasp with a shackle (the U-shaped locking component) of at least 9/32 inches (attached to the door a foot or so from the ground). If the garage has a door that leads straight into the house, use a dead bolt to secure it from the inside.

Sliding Glass Door

The basic locks that come with sliding doors are easy to pry open. To prevent the door from being forced open, use a locking bar (or a wooden dowel). Is it possible to pick up a sliding door, tilt it outward, and remove it if there is too much room between it and its upper track? Similar to a sliding shower door, Install screws around the inside of the upper track, allowing just enough space for the door to slide, and the door will no longer be able to be lifted out.

Doors With Knobs

Door jammer: The DavieBar door jammer is essentially a door stopper on a stick and is ideal for a hotel room, rental apartment, or house with dubious locks. It resembles a footed cane, with a top that hooks under the doorknob and a base that grips the floor to keep your door from being forced inward. The DavieBar is simple to use and compact enough to take in a suitcase.

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