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Learn How to Improve Your Credit (The Foolproof Way)

They showed him the items on his report that were causing his low score and gave him straightforward, easy to follow advice on how to improve his score:

  1. Get current on two credit cards he was 60 days past-due on
  2. Contact the hospital where he had an outstanding, unpaid $800 bill, and work out a payment plan
  3. Consolidate the balances on 4 credit cards onto a single card, and cancel the others

A 230 Point Improvement In Just Four Months!

Stephen says he was skeptical that this alone could dramatically improve his score, but he took Credit Sesame’s advice and when he looked at his score three months later, it had gone from 530 to 660 – an improvement of 130 points!  About a month later, after everything he’d done was reflected on his report, his score was 760. “All of a sudden, I’m getting offers in the mail for credit cards, car loans, home mortgages – and I didn’t even own a home! Banks were seeking me out to lend me money, it was crazy.”

Using His Experience – and Credit Sesame – To Help Others

Stephen uses his own experience to help others. “It’s amazing how many stories I hear that sound just like mine and how many people have been taken advantage of by unethical credit repair companies. I always tell people to try Credit Sesame – they’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I guess I’m sort of a Credit Sesame evangelist.”

Stephen lamented, “It’s sad, but we’re a nation of debtors. Banks make credit so easily available that too many people get in over their heads and it just ruins their lives. Thank God for companies like Credit Sesame that help these people fix their past mistakes so they can have brighter futures”.

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