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The Top 10 Highest Paying Online Degrees by the Numbers

It’s no secret that education is a valuable tool in launching your career. There are thousands of studies and reports that claim that a degree can secure a higher paying salary from employers. Fortunately, online education opens limitless job possibilities by making training and education far more accessible and manageable.

Whether you’re entering grad school for an online master’s degree, or a first-year student fresh out of high school searching for an alternative to traditional on-campus life, an online degree is an excellent first step to a successful, lucrative career.

Read on for our curated list of the top 10 highest paying jobs you can get with an online degree. This article, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides information on high paying jobs for which online education is available.

Engineering Managing

Engineering can be one of the toughest professions to learn and master. However, it can be incredibly rewarding work. A degree in engineering management trains students to utilize their heavy engineering focus, quantitative expertise, and problem solving skills and combines it with leadership and management strategies.

Average Salary: $132,800

Information Systems

Following up on the computer systems analyst, an information systems manager has a strong understanding of how computers and businesses best interact. Information systems managers keep businesses running smoothly by managing networks, databases, and software tools to organize the flow of information. There’s a growing demand for professionals who can solve problems using information technology.

Average Salary: $118,080

Human Resources

It’s not news to anyone that you can’t really run a business smoothly without employees. Human Resources personnel are trained to keep those employees happy, efficient, and knowledgeable. As a human resources specialist, you’d be expected to develop leadership initiatives designed to retain employees. In addition, they manage evaluations, oversee benefits, and help the workplace operate smoothly.

Average Salary: $108,070

Nurse Practitioner

Also referred to as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners have gradually played a larger role in the health care system. Blurring the line between doctors and traditional nurses, NPs pick up the slack when clinics and care facilities are stretched thin. They organize patient healthcare, run diagnostic tests and exams, counsel patients, and research alongside doctors.

Average Salary: $98,190

Business Management & Administration

Business management graduates are skilled in directing support services for a business or organization. Depending on your interest and career goals, you might seek employment in positions ranging from administration manage to management consultant.

Average Salary: $86,100

Computer Systems Analyst

For those most passionate about technology, computer systems analysts are responsible for merging business and information technology initiatives. Essentially, a computer systems analyst utilizes software technologies and processes to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. They work to create a number of solutions on how technology can best serve a company.

Average Salary: $85,800


All business organizations have a demand for talented professionals with the analytical and problem solving skills needed to study, plan, and solve the economic challenges businesses face. Those with an economics degree can leverage their abilities to forecast market trends, determine the prices for goods and services, and collect and analyze data to gain employment in almost any business sector.

Average Salary: $71,670


While learning a profession that will make you a lot of money is important, understanding how to properly manage your money is critical to managing your life and your family. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an impressive 13.1% growth rate by 2022, equaling 166,700 new jobs.  This greatly exceeds most fields.  But not only are new career opportunities developing, these jobs are also paying well above average.

Average Salary: $69,750

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the best online degree programs for those who want to develop cutting-edge products and items. These professionals are tasked with solving many of the challenges that are a part of daily life in areas ranging from energy and the environment to transportation and human health.

Average Salary: $68,794

Communications and Mass Media

Professionals trained in proper communication and mass media strategies are skilled public relations executives. Responsible for maintaining a positive image of their clients to the press and public, a public relations specialist constructs intelligent, targeted content campaigns to best execute a message.

Average Salary: $56,770

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