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Modern Rules for Staying Home Without Gaining Weight

2. Create a home gym. You can exercise at home even with limited space and funds. Try yoga or buy a jump rope and resistance bands.

3. Go online. Do you miss group fitness classes? Your favorite instructors may be streaming their sessions. Contact local fitness centers or browse online to see what’s available.

4. Take active breaks. The hours can fly by when you’re working on a computer or streaming videos. Offset your sedentary habits by taking regular exercise breaks. Do a few push-ups or stretch your legs.

5. Move more. Daily tasks count too. Burn calories and tone your muscles doing lunges while you vacuum. Work in your garden or clean out your attic.

Managing Stress:

1. Sleep well. Your body and mind are more resilient when you’re well rested. Go to bed and get up at the same times each day. Aim for a dark, quiet room to sleep in.

2. Meditate daily. Even a few minutes of seated meditation can help you to live more mindfully. Sit down in a peaceful place. Scan your body and soften up any tight spots. Observe your thoughts without making judgements.

3. Breathe deeply. If meditation makes you uncomfortable, maybe you’d prefer simple breathing exercises. Try alternate nostril breathing to fight anxiety. Use your thumb to close off one side of your nose at a time and inhale deeply. Repeat 3 times on each side.

4. Listen to music. Symphonies and pop songs can help you deal with strong emotions. Create a soundtrack to lift your spirits or calm your fears.

5. Try counseling. If daily stress is interfering with your diet and wellbeing, consider seeking professional help. Many counselors are using teletherapy to talk with patients online, so you can stay safe while you receive help.

You can manage your weight while you stay at home. Healthy eating and other lifestyle habits will strengthen your immune system and enhance the quality of your life.

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